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Liberty ACE

The Advanced Career Education (ACE) Program is a community-based program that serves young adults, 18-22 years of age, who receive special education services. The program prepares our young adults to transition successfully into supported or competitive employment. Our curriculum targets the following domains: functional academics, domestic, community, vocational and recreation/leisure. 

Program Components:

  • Assessment and documentation of student skills, abilities and interests;
  • Systematic instruction focused on individualized and group approach in the acquisition, maintenance and generalization of skills;
  • Transition planning centered on individual goals and dreams;
  • Inter-agency collaboration to support successful post-school outcomes​.

Home and Hospital Instruction Program

Liberty Alternative School provides a Home and Hospital Instruction Program for students experiencing a temporary disability or extended illness that prevents them from attending their home school. The goal of home and hospital instruction is to help maintain continuity of instruction during the period that the student is absent from their regular classes.

A temporary disability means a physical, mental, or emotional disability incurred while a student is enrolled in regular day classes or an alternative education program and after which a student can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or an alternative educational program without special intervention.

The first step in determining whether a student qualifies for home or hospital instruction is to contact the current school of enrollment.

  • Elementary students: Parents/guardians of students in grades TK-5 should contact the school nurse at their home school
  • Secondary students: Parents/guardians of students in grades 6-12 should contact a school administrator at their home school

The liaison for the Home and Hospital program at each school will help guide families through the application process and coordinate with the other departments in San José Unified.

If an application is approved, Liberty Alternative School will work with the home school to arrange for a teacher to meet with the student at their home or appropriate location for five hours of instruction per week. The parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring that an adult is present during the sessions. At the end of the Home and Hospital program, students are expected to return to their home school.